In the mood for adventure? Then get ready to say your prayers and mark your territory: Animal Gods is on its way October 12th. PC, Mac, and Linux versions will be available at launch, with the Wii U port coming later down the line.

If you’ve never seen Animal Gods in action before, it’s something of a mix between The Legend of Zelda and Transistor, a 2D action-adventure with clean, colorful art direction.

Animal GodsThe campaign launched just shy of a year ago, and was Still Games‘ second attempt to fund their first game (having cancelled a previous Kickstarter campaign that failed to take off). Their second attempt was rather more successful, raising $26,775 towards development.

A new trailer has been released to coincide with the announcement:

For more on Animal Gods, check out our previous coverage, as well as the game’s official Twitter account, for updates pertaining to the Wii U version.

Gary Alexander Stott
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Gary Alexander Stott


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