Grey Night, a cinematic platformer which has obviously been inspired by Limbo, is a single player venture into the story of a man who, upon awakening from a car crash, realizes that his daughter is gone. Gameplay includes solving puzzles, bossfights, and quicktime events, but there is no dialog to drive the story—the plot is powered by animation. This choice was intentional, as the creator goes on to elaborate on the Kickstarter page, “That’s why all the cut-scenes are interactive, I want the player to really feel like he is the main character.”


Grey Night is still in alpha right now, with a tentative arrival date set for somewhere in 2016. The creator is also offering Kickstarter backer-only game codes, which lets the player participate in the story (and even offers some gameplay as the daughter). The Kickstarter campaign for Grey Night launched on October 27, 2015, and has already met a 1/15th of its funding goal, with 29 days left.


Since Grey Night is so obviously and heavily inspired by Limbo, I am personally hoping to see a more clearly defined artistic style emerge from what the creator has started with. It’s a solid beginning, and I’m interested to see where this goes, but Grey Night will have to transcend ‘solid’ into something more unique to see that long term success.

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