Back in June the survival horror adventure game Song of Horror ran on Kickstarter and, unfortunately, failed to get funding. Now they’re back with a second attempt, this time with a longer campaign and smaller asking amount. Roughly $55k, converted from Euros, to be more precise. Two of the main reasons for lowering the funding goal is a combination of finding a publisher to help out and having already gone through most of their savings developing the game during these past few months. Here’s hoping that they get it this time because it does look like a good game.

Song of Horror

For those that don’t know, or missed it the first time around, Song of Horror is about a group of people investigating a house haunted by a being known only as “The Presence”. It’s up to them to solve the mystery behind the mansion and to make it out alive. For more information on this game you can check out our previous coverage.

Track the progress of the Song of Horror Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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