Hope Chapman of developer PangoDango Games has, after several months of silence, posted an update on the progress of visual novel title Lovely Little Thieves. Along with apologising for the lack of updates since July the update included a revised release schedule pushing the final release date back to late 2016 – over a year beyond the initial planned release of October 2015.

Lovely Little Thieves Throws Back to 80's Horror, it's a visual novel crowdfunding on Kickstarter

One of the main reasons that backers were so concerned at the lack of updates over the last four months was that the updates were fairly regularly before then. The apparent reason for the radio silence was that Hope didn’t feel comfortable posting updates with no substantial news beyond the fact that work was still ongoing – something the backers swiftly advised she should be doing regardless. To her credit the developer has accepted the need for regular updates and why backers were getting upset – and that posting on Twitter and Tumblr in the meantime was not appropriate.Lovely Little Thieves

The update also included details of what work has taken place over the past few months as well beta release dates for the three chapters of Lovely Little Thieves – November 2015, early 2016 and late 2016 respectively with a full release in time for Christmas 2016. Despite being a fairly major delay beyond the original planned release backers now seem content and supportive again – testament to the otherwise well-run Kickstarter campaign for this 80s-themed ‘horror/romance game of choice and consequences’.

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