All right, gang. Let’s go over the clues again. We found an old book, read from it, and the dead have come back to haunt us. Thus begins the overarching plot of Poltergus. Gus, a talking dog, has been without work after he and his group of mythbusters decided it was a good idea to read from the Book of the Dead. Ruh roh! Luck would somewhat be on his side as he does meet the ghost of the world’s greatest teenage detective Nancy and they formed a duo to help solve mysteries unleashed by bringing the dead back to our world.


So, Poltergus is a point and click adventure game with a twist. To start off, it’s a comedy that features ghostly companions as our dynamic duo work to solve mysteries surrounding the other denizens of the underworld. Or something. The best part about this game is that it’s set on a reality show. That’s right. It’s being produced as reality television. Complete with one-on-one interviews with the cast and crew that help break up the story as a whole. I actually love this idea as you get the story not only from playing the game but also from the actors’ own viewpoints as well. I may hate reality television but this sounds like a real laugh.


Aside from having the narrative jump around due to the main plot, the interviews with people like Gus and Nancy, and the occasional flashback there’s little in the way of unique features. Outside of promising VR support like the Oculus Rift it’s your standard point-and-click interface. Honestly, why break from tradition when it works? I love me a good comedy, especially one that riffs off of existing franchises, so Poltergus is most definitely a title that I want to keep my eyes on.

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