Alien Dinosaurs looks like a Game Boy game, and I’m not talking about Game Boy Advance or even Game Boy Colour quality. Developer Ratalaika Games SL, who have experience with creating mobile games, look to be producing a truly retro platformer for both PC and consoles.

Alien Dinosaurs

In the spirit of older platformers the plot is pretty simple. Evil alien dinosaurs have abducted a single human to test his skills across a selection of levels which of course involve platforms and a variety of weapons with which to defend himself. It does seem very basic but there will be a lot of gamers who would relish this very experience and the entry-level pledges to get a copy on PC are only $5, while the stretch goals to port the game to Nintendo DS and Wii U sound promising (but less feasible for the Xbox One and PS4).

Alien Dinosaurs

The listed release date for Alien Dinosaurs is February 2016 which promises quick rewards for pledges but I can’t help but feel this overly optimistic, and I also have concerns about the poor quality of the writing on the Kickstarter page (admittedly English is not the native language of the developers). Still with a low target of just over $1,000 and a third of that already raised Alien Dinosaurs does look very likely to pass that first Kickstarter hurdle.

Track the progress of the Alien Dinosaurs Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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