After nearly three years since it ran on Kickstarter and roughly two years past the original estimated release date action RPG Delver’s Drop is still being worked on. A few weeks ago the development team gave its monthly update talking about more features that they’ve been working on as well as a very tentative release date for the final game. Which, according to the comment they left they plan on trying to get it out sometime in the first half of 2016.

Delver's Drop

For those who don’t know what Delver’s Drop is, it’s a top-down action RPG game with a look reminiscent of the early Legend of Zelda games where you play as one of a number of prisoners in a mountain dungeon trying to escape to freedom. Unlike most dungeon divers this one has you start at the top and work your way to the very bottom to see the light of day. At least that’s what the pitch told me.

Delver's Drop

The update mostly talks about the current development status of Delver’s Drop. Namely the inclusion of wall objects and showing off some of the ghastly ghoulies that you can encounter during your descent. While they claim that most objects that they can literally toss on these barriers are purely decorative some, particularly doors and vents and the like, can be used to toss out hazards and enemies. Being the update for Halloween the creature feature was on cultists, mutants, and ghosts. Spooky.

The other major piece of info was the lore on one of the playable classes, the Sorcerer. There’s not a lot of juicy bits in the update for those who don’t actually care about the behind-the-scenes work but at least we now have a somewhat large release schedule.

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