The Indie group Offworld Industries has confirmed via their Kickstarter page, that their game, Squad, will be entering Steam Early Access on December 15th. In case you were unaware, Squad is the standalone spiritual successor to the BF2: Project Reality Mod and was successfully funded on Kickstarter after the project launched in May. It was successfully raised nearly 435k in Canadian dollars over its 31 day funding period. Since then anticipation for the action-shooter has only been adding up as the game hit the Steam Greenlight in April and was quickly approved by the community.squad2

The release date wasn’t the only exciting news, though, Offworld Industries also revealed the first song on Squad’s soundtrack. A highly atmospheric track called “Lost Squad” by Scott Tobin, take a listen below:

The developers promise that we will be hearing this haunting track in the future highlight reels of the upcoming inaugural clan vs clan tournament on the 5th of December. It seems like Battlefield 2 fans and newcomers are destined to have a great time with this game.

To learn more about Squad be sure to check out our previous coverage.

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