Deserted is an Action-Adventure RPG from Zebik Media. It launched on Kickstarter earlier this week and has 16 backers. The game is set to be a sci-fi adventure inspired by the 1991 cinematic Action-Adventure, Another World.


A Sci-fi adventure inspired by Another World.

Deserted seems to have very little to do with Zebik Media‘s previous title. However, it does share some similarities with what we saw of Ambit but is clearly its own game. Even after the Kickstarter failed Zebik Media still continued to work on Ambit, but now they have stated:

it (Ambit) was far too big and ambitious to continue without any funding or outside support”

Ambit was Zebik's previous Kickstarter that launched last April

Ambit was Zebik’s previous Kickstarter that launched last April.

However, they hope to fund Ambit‘s development with Deserted. This may explain why they chose $30k as their Kickstarter goal despite their claims that all Deserted needs, is polishing. Despite my scepticism, the screens and gifs they have released do look pretty good, and if that is what the unpolished version looks like then I can’t wait to see it finished. Zebik Media are still going to work on Ambit, but at a much slower rate.


If this is unpolished then I can’t wait to see it finished


Deserted is planned to come to PC, Linux, iOS, and Android with stretch goals for Mac, PS4, Vita, and Xbox One. The backer rewards are a little lacklustre, offering weapons and wallpapers or similiar, but you can bag a DRM Free copy of the game for $15 which is probably the best reward on offer. I am actually very curious to see how this Kickstarter goes and whether Zebik Media has learnt anything from their previous failure. The Kickstarter is already doing quite well, so maybe the original fans of Ambit will help give it through, but $30k is a high goal. I think this will be entirely up to how hard Zebik Media pushes for it.

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