Turnover is a survival stealth game funded on Kickstarter back in August 2014. It was developed by Anthony Nichols and will be available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS upon release. In Turnover the protagonist needs to escape from a company building without being killed by the incoming forces who are hell-bent on taking over. The game is meant to focus on strategy and encourage the player to be patient rather than relying on their combat skill.


A strategy survival stealth game.

Turnover will be ready for purchase on Steam on the 15th of December, which is just over a week away. To think, it was only just over a year ago that this unassuming little project slipped onto Kickstarter. Turnover went live back in August and met its humble goal of $800 fairly easily over its run. Developer Anthony Nichols revealed the release date via the Kickstarter page and developer blog along with a few other bits about the game you should check out here.


Just over a week left

Turnover was backed by just 24 people, but that was all the determined developer needed to get his project going. Nichols took the time to express his gratitude to those 24 people on the Kickstarter page:

I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your generosity in helping get Turnover off and running! This has been one hell of a journey, and you all have really helped make it one worthwhile!

All that is left now in the week that remains is to wrap up and polish things for release. Be sure to check out the developer blog for Turnover to get a look at what you’re in for. Anthony Nichols promises that information regarding the Kickstarter rewards will be released soon.

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