Spark Rising was a rather ambitious Kickstarter project that was successfully funded way back in 2013. Spark Rising is meant to be a 3rd person action-strategy type game with sandbox elements to allow you to be creative. The campaign raised over $21k, but the game has been locked in Early Access for over a year now and people are impatient with its current primitiveness.


The developers have recognised that progress has been going more slowly than they had hoped and want to remedy the problem. In an effort to appease their backers they have offered full refunds for people who pledged more than $10, no questions asked. Additionally, all the Kickstarter backers will be receiving special DLC to help convince them to stay with the project.

Spark Rising

Spark Rising is a highly ambitious project and progress has been slow.

The price for the Early Access version of Spark Rising¬†has been¬†dropped dramatically to mirror the current worth of the game. It is hoped this will encourage more people to have a look at the project even if it isn’t all that playable in its current state. A major update is scheduled before the end of the year, but it seems likely that progress on the project will continue to be slow and steady.

Personally, I find Wicked Loot’s (The developers) approach to the situation rather admirable. I think it really shows that they care about their backer’s and have a bit of moral backbone to show it. I hope Spark Rising receives a little more positive recognition for its ambition and unique concept than negative attention for its slow progress. Though, we can’t really blame anyone for being impatient to play Spark Rising, it really does look like it is going to be pretty darn awesome when it’s finished.

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