It has been almost a year since the “Throne War Simulator” MMORPG Crowfall was announced to the world, and it has hit a milestone of $6 million in funding and still climbing.

Its Hunger Dome pre-alpha 1.1 playtesting is also underway, starting on the week of November 30 and still continuing for a while longer. There will also be an upcoming reveal of the new game system that was hinted at last month, most likely sometime during the end of the year.

The pre-alpha patch 0.1.1E just dropped as well. You may read the patch notes here. Also, two new gods have joined the Crowfall Pantheon, namely Hero, The First Crow and Malekai, Lord of Shadows.

Crowfall: Hero, the First CrowCrowfall: Malekai, the Lord of Shadows

There is also a limited edition comic book underway, which will be available to those who order the collector’s edition boxed copy. According to ArtCraft Entertainment, the game is still on track for release at the end of 2016.

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