When I played first person psychological adventure Nevermind for our review one of my biggest problems with it was the length. There were only two mindscapes to traverse through and it didn’t take that long to finish both of them (that’s not counting the tutorial zone). While there still are only the same number of levels the latest update for the game provides some admittedly minor content and some performance improvements. If you’re wanting more story then unfortunately you’re out of luck for the time being but they still hope to provide more meaty content in the future.


The update mentions something called “NeuroSpas”, which according to the FAQ they provided on the Steam forums are pretty much one room relaxation zones. The story behind these are that they are ways for the ‘probers to unwind after sessions of delving into the deepest fears of their patients. It’s not a full level but it’s more than expected. New mindscapes require time and resources that would take away from finishing off any still promised rewards and stretch goals. That said, they still want to pump out more content at some point once the rest of their promises are followed through with Nevermind.


In addition to the above one room locales development on Nevermind still continues apace. They are still working on getting the ports for Xbox One and VR support ready and hopefully an update giving a release date for them comes soon. And, thanks to optimizing for other platforms the existing ones have gotten a performance boost. Which is a win-win for everyone involved, especially for those who might have had problems playing before.

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