For the past week or so I’ve been in the addictive grip of Just Cause 3.  Flying around a beautiful island country while I try and set my oppressed people free by blowing up everything they own is fantastic.  In addition to that, I’ll be heading to the movies tomorrow to see Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens (helloooo SEO!) for the fourth time.  Wouldn’t it be great to mix those two worlds together, but with a better frame rate?  A new project on Kickstarter aims to do just that; check out the sure-to-be-DMCA’d-to-oblivion Star Wars Open World RPG.

The developer, known only as “Devin,” has brought his lack of coding experience, artistic ability, and of Star Wars copyright to bear in order to raise $200,000 to make millions of gamers dreams come true.  Given that there’s almost nothing to the campaign, and it’s surely moments away from being shut down, here’s the entire thing:

Open World Star Wars RPG

Looking past the delusions of making an open world Star Wars RPG for $200k, or even getting the rights to do so in the first place, I can appreciate that Devin doesn’t seem to have completely lost touch with reality.  After all, the Risks and Challenges section does call out “Copy rights (sic), pleasing all star wars fans, hiring professionals.”  So, basically every part of the project is a risk.

How long before the Star Wars Open World RPG Kickstarter is shut down? I give it three days, tops.

Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek


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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
Greg Micek
  • I have to ask why do they even bother with stuff like this

    • Definitely a mystery. It’s a trip how campaigns like this continue to show up on a regular basis.

  • Georgi Trenev

    If not for anything else, I had a good laugh reading through the campaign. Twas rather amusing 😀

  • If Disney is anything like Hasbro this one will be shut down as soon as they hear of it. While the couple of My Little Pony projects that I backed were a lot more legit than this one they were still hit with the banhammer pretty quickly. This one has absolutely nothing. No pitch video, next to no text, poor grammar and spelling (It’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, dumbass!), the tiers are the worst that I’ve seen, there’s no concept art, and no way this will make it even if Disney looks the other way.

  • Larry Wright

    His dream is in a galaxy far far away. There is zero chance of this happening. 200k wouldn’t even begin to fund this.

  • Looks like folks are starting to troll it pretty hard.

    • Honestly, I’m tempted to put in a buck just to join the fun. >:D

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