A month or so ago Agustin Cordes released an update for the first person horror adventure game Asylum stating that the game was still being worked on despite fans starting to wonder what was going on with the development for the game. Well, with the new year having just turned forward he put out another short update giving backers a small glance into the future for this long overdue title. While it’s true that there have been delays this one sounds pretty definite in the release window. Barring any more setbacks you should be able to get your hands on it by the end of 2016. Which is something that I honestly can’t wait for.


In addition to Agustin being confident that Asylum will release this year he goes on to say that this would be the perfect time “because 2016 marks the 10th. anniversary since the release of Scratches“. As a thank you and to remain as transparent as ever Agustin will also give all backers access to the Trello boards that they’ve been using to keep track of milestones. In addition to getting the updates that some of us want this will also give backers a chance to “check out our schedule, learn about our achievements 🙂 and failures 🙁, provide feedback, perhaps even vote for things you consider more important than others if we need to decide what to include or reject.


Before giving us access, though, there’ll have to be some rearranging and editing of the board so as not to spoil too much of the game. “An exclusive service for our Kickstarter backers as the epic development of our project approaches its much expected conclusion.” And having played the previous alpha versions I can’t wait. More news is planned in the upcoming weeks and months and I’ll be sure to share some of the juiciest bits that I come across.

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