I’m predicting lots of ‘aww…’s from our readers when they take a look at the latest shaggy dog story on Kickstarter. Leonard Saves The City tells the serious story of the modern day housing crisis through the eyes of a puppy. I find this rather intriguing because we’re exploring a serious issue with a puppy, which is basically the antithesis of seriousness.

The prototype for the game has been in development for several months and the development blog is worth a peak. Essentially, the creator has gone for a low poly style with lots of vivid colours. It does pay off from what I can see. It seems that polygons have really come back in fashion in the indie community, just casting my mind back to Race To The Sun, Refuge, That Dragon Cancer and Home Free (Incidentally also about a dog exploring a city).

Leonard Saves The Day

It’s a style choice I do enjoy and has its own appeal since I find that it usually means more focus has gone either into story or gameplay and has left the imagining up to you.

According to the developer, Leonard Saves The City is a classic style game using modern technology to provide the rich environments of a modern day game. If I had to guess from looking over the development blog, I would say that this game is going to focus on exploring a lot. The aim overall aim is to find your lost bone, but there is a second mode that seems to suggest you could simply wander the city if you wanted.

Leonard Saves The City

The Kickstarter page shows off some unique mechanics and tells players they will be using their puppy senses to navigate the city.

Leonard Saves The City will be appearing on the Steam Greenlight this January so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested. It has a Kickstarter goal of $50,000 and is planned for release on Windows, Mac, and Linux and developers hope to bring it to more platforms later. It has certainly aroused my curiosity, but, more importantly, what do you think? Comment your thoughts and opinions down below.

Track the progress of the Leonard Saves The City Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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