I’m a big fan of stealth games. Convoluted plot aside the Metal Gear Solid series is one of my favorite games. But I have yet to play one where the missions are told from the viewpoint of the person on the other end of the communications gear. Until now that is. Hush-Hush 229 is being touted as a stealth visual novel where you play as the analyst in charge of support and saving the game of the field operatives. It sounds like a strange combination of play styles but judging on what has been shown this might actually work.

Hush-Hush 229

In Hush-Hush 229 you’re in control of Candy Clark as she plays support for two operatives in the field as they work together to find and rescue a senator’s daughter all the while taking out a group of essentially terrorists and their super secret nuclear arsenal. You may not be the ones on the firing line but one thing that I learned while playing “tactical espionage action” games it’s that a successful mission requires the whole team to work together to take down the enemy.

Hush-Hush 229

Candy’s only weapon is communications. It’s her job to guide the operatives through the base, avoiding soldiers and taking them out via security cameras littered throughout the facility. It’s also her job to “save their game” and offer advice. And your relationship with them affects how, of even if, they listen to you. I love a story that takes something familiar and does a full 180. How the stealth aspects of Hush-Hush 229 play out remains to be seen but overall this sounds like a unique and interesting take on two disparate genres. Two genres that I thoroughly enjoy. Whether I back this one or not I know that I want to see where they take it.

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