Sometimes a card game doesn’t need to be super complex, making you spend countless hours honing your deck building prowess to the high heavens. Sometimes you just want something simple that you can pick up and play without the tediousness of hoping your sick combo will work. While you certainly can still do most of this with Emerald Lands, it promises an equal footing with your opponent. Whether you go head to head with a friend or if you just want to bask in the single player campaign.

Emerald Lands

At first glance Emerald Lands doesn’t look super impressive. After all, I’ve seen plenty of card games come and go on Kickstarter. There are two major differences that make it stand out amongst its peers, though. The first is that every single card is unlocked as soon as you purchase the game. No need to tossing down money or in-game play time to grab a booster pack on the off chance that you get that one card you still need to complete your deck. And with seven factions vieing for dominance there’s a lot to choose from. The only limiting factor is that you can’t dip into other flavors. If you’re playing human you’re stuck with human cards. Same with the elves, dwarves, undead, etc.

Emerald Lands

The other main selling point, at least for me, is that you can play Emerald Lands by yourself in a campaign where you take on the mantle of one of these factions and engage in card battles with AI enemies in what appears to be a complex and engaging story. My first thought when I read through the pitch was how much this part reminded me of the old Microprose Magic: The Gathering game (which I thoroughly loved playing). This may not be as sexy looking as others that I’ve covered but it’s certainly worth watching.

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