Dylan Cornelius’ beautiful head of hair, as well as everything attached to it, has launched a Kickstarter to raise the $20,000 to cover the publishing cost of The NES Compendium, a collection of reviews for every North American NES Game.  Follicphiles (not to be confused with folliculaphiliacs) may recognize this punked-out pompadour from Questicle.net, an NES review index that’s as comprehensive as it is luscious.

nescompendium1While it’s unclear how much of The NES Compendium’s $20,000 funding goal is slotted for hair products, Dylan aims for an end product full of reviews, screen shots, and box art images from your favorite, to most hated, NES games.  Fans of less resplendent hair may be happy to know that Jeremy Parish will be writing the foreword, which should act as some good perspective.  The fact that Jeremy has a solid history in the world of games writing doesn’t hurt either, I suppose.


Why are you hiding, Jeremy?

The lowest tier to get a copy of The NES Compendium is $25, for a digital version.  Sure, that’s pretty high, but this is a situation where you’re backing (or not) to support the author and his efforts, more than for the desire to get stuff.  The upside is that the higher tiers aren’t that terribly expensive, and for a mere $195 you’ll get the chance to meet Dylan in person and run your fingers through his hair for 30 minutes with one hand, while holding three copies of his book in the other.


It puts the lotion on it’s skin.

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