I think Relapse is a hilarious name for a horror game in an asylum, but the Relapse Kickstarter itself looks far from comedy gold, labeling itself instead as a First Person Adventure Puzzle Horror. Personally, I am not of fan of first person games and never have been, but the game still looks worth a look.  The developers have a university graduate on their team to help them with their research into the topic, seeing this I’m assuming that the game will have some focus on the human mind rather than just taking place in a mental asylum.RelapseRelapse has yet to be Greenlit on Steam but with a game trailer and a demo available on their Kickstarter page, they seem to be handling things well. The most intriguing thing to me about this Kickstarter is the idea that they are researching asylums and psychology for it and there must be a reason. I would like to see the fruit of that research because nothing else about the game really captures my eye. It’s that same cliche of coming to the spooky place and getting locked in that we’ve seen a hundred times, but maybe it will have a twist. It does have item collection and crafting which is something I do enjoy in games and mentions that these will be used to solve puzzles which would be cool.


Reading through this Kickstarter, it simply didn’t leap off the page for me. Relapse may not have my pound, but if you’re interested then you might as well get the early bird special for £7. That’ll give you forum access and put you down for a copy of the game. Their goal is £20K so they need all the help they can get. That said there are other Kickstarters that I am far more excited about. But let me know what you think down below.

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