Children of Morta, described as “everything you have seen in roguelike retro-games if it was turbo-charged and kicked up ten notches,” by our very own Ahmad Khan, just got two new gameplay trailers. Two new children, you could say, if you were desperately thinking of something funny to say but couldn’t think of anything else.


Other than the trailers, the developers announced that the early access version for backers is nearly ready. The did not however give a release date or estimated time of arrival. They did ask for feedback from the trailers though.

The two videos show gameplay for two characters in the game, Kevin and John. They do a good job of showing the differences between the characters. Kevin is the attacker, running around holding his blades behind his back like an anime character, striking with lightning speed. John on the other hand is the one who abandoned life as an adventurer to become a doctor, just like his parents always wanted. No, strike that, he’s the defensive type, carrying a heavy shield and using slow, deliberate attacks.

These are only two of several playable characters in the game. Although they didn’t say as such, I expect the developers to continue releasing character specific gameplay trailers like this over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, you can check out Ahmad’s interview with the team lead of Children of Morta, Amir Fassihi. It’s a good read, they talk about haiku’s, dead magicians and curious cats. All the things a growing boy or girl needs.

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