The Into the Stars Kickstarter campaign was absolutely full of promise. Space strategy/simulation titles generally seem to command a lot of interest on the crowdfunding platform. Its initial launch onto Steam Early Access netted the title a lot of negative feedback, but things have been improving in subsequent updates.

On March 4, Into the Stars will finally warp out of Early Access. As a means to celebrate this event, they’ve partnered with iam8bit to press 1,000 records with the Into the Stars soundtrack. The 180 gram vinyl is poised to offer 17 tracks between both sides and will cost $28.


On one hand, Jack Wall is an excellent musician and his work deserves to be shared in physical format. On the other hand, I really wish iam8bit would reduce their limited edition record output. Every release of theirs is darn gorgeous but also painfully expensive. Then again, it seems more and more companies are finding the vinyl collectordom an incredibly lucrative group because they’re willing to pay premium prices.

Pre-orders for the Into the Stars soundtrack are live now and are expected to ship in the second quarter of 2016.

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