Space exploration has always intrigued humans but it’s thanks to video games that the vast majority of us can enjoy such an experience digitally. Lately, we’ve seen a huge boom in the genre of space sim/exploration games and the latest out there is Into the Stars. Indie developer Fugitive Games has gotten far with their project, but is now seeking a successful Kickstarter campaign to give their game the next big push.

Into The StarsUnlike the trends we’re seeing with many space-based games lately, Into the Stars is a single player experience. As captain you will lead an exploration team throughout the galaxy. Some days you may help out stranded humans and others you must outrun an alien menace hot on your tail. It’s a bit like FTL: Faster Than Light, except with gorgeous 3D graphics instead of (still quite attractive) pixel art. In regards to game references, you might also find a bit of The Oregon Trail via the requirement of careful resource management along this journey.

Into The Stars is an open world space game on Kickstarter. Think  Oregon Trails meets FTL.The biggest asset Into the Stars currently has are the impeccable graphics on display in screenshots and GIFs. If the final release looks anything like this then it’ll definitely draw attention before people even give it a spin on Windows or Mac. Another huge surprise is that they intend to have Jack Wall compose the game’s soundtrack. This is the name behind Mass Effect’s excellent sci-fi score! If you’re hyped up for Into the Stars then consider backing toward the $85,000 campaign goal. If you’re strapped for cash then here’s the Greenlight page which is free to upvote.

Track the progress of the Into The Stars Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Into The Stars is an open world space game on Kickstarter. Think  Oregon Trails meets FTL.

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