The developers of Combat Core released another update after nearly three months of silence. However, this brief update shows a bit of promise with new Alpha builds on the horizon along with a few other bit and pieces worth mentioning. Considering this Kickstarter was only funded back in June 2015 I think it is progressing quite rapidly.

Combat Core

The 8 character roster is basically complete at this stage and therefore, developers will be shifting the focus to other areas of Combat Core’s development.

They mentioned they will be polishing the look of the levels and stated that the assets wouldn’t change too much they did want to make what they have look better. They released some pretty cool gifs along with this update so I find it an exciting prospect that they’re going to work on making the environments look better though I do wonder if it is necessary.

Combat Core

It’s looking pretty darn cool.

Personally, when it comes to fighting games I love destructible environments, like what War of the Monsters offered, or being able to use elements of the environment to do damage. However, when it comes to the actual look of the environment in fighting games I don’t think I ever really think of it. Unless it’s a turn based game like Final Fantasy VII where I have time to appreciate the background while my stamina was loading. I’ve put many hours into Guilty Gear, but I can’t for the life of me recall a single background. Then again, Combat Core is compatible with VR so maybe a better-looking environment will help the players presence and immersion. It’s hard to say at the moment, but if you want to test that theory out then you should know that Combat Core will be available to play at Magfest, Winter Brawl X and GDC (March). You can check the update for details on that and if you do decide to go, be sure to let us know your verdict.

As well as polishing the look of the levels the developers are working on designing a new one. The other major topics are Steam integration and working on the multiplayer elements of the game. Regrettably Combat Core will not be meeting its Early Access Release goal of February and is instead expected in March after the GDC. Be sure to check out the update for details on the events and I have a question for you: Do you think a good looking environment will be necessary for VR? From what I’ve seen, most VR games aren’t outstanding in terms of visuals, but people still find the experience amazing. We know thanks to science that it doesn’t take a lot to trick the brain into ‘inhabiting’ a fake limb etc so will visuals stay relevant?

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