Nearly one year ago we covered a 4-player multiplayer arena fighting game launched on Kickstarter. It went by the name of Combat Core and showed some promise, but failed to get anywhere near its funding goal. Here we are, a year later and Combat Core has returned! Development did not stop in between the campaigns as now the game being displayed looks far fancier, with an overall level of polish that was missing beforehand. Now instead of looking like an unassuming multiplayer brawler, it now looks like a brand new Dreamcast game (and I mean this in the most loving way possible!).


Combat Core allows for one-on-one fights, but the four player battle royales definitely look the most appealing. You’ll be able to play multiplayer locally or online depending on the situation. While in the arena, players will be able to interact with it at different times via hazardous traps and the like. Weapons can also be picked up and utilized by the lucky player who snatches them up first. Heck, they’ve also thrown a character creator in for fun which allows players to customize their preferred stats, skills, and gear. You can definitely feel the influence of games like Power Stone in Combat Core, and that’s awesome.


Want to play Combat Core right now? You’re in luck because there’s an alpha demo available for Windows and Mac. Make sure you download V.2! All tiers reward backers with a copy of the game on PC (via Steam since it was successfully Greenlit), but Xbox One and Wii U versions are also a possibility in the future. Combat Core needs $30,000 in funding to succeed and has already raised a good chunk of it.

Track the progress of the Combat Core Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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