The sequel to Dark Quest is now on Kickstarter. The previous game sold nearly 40,000 copies across multiple platforms including the PS Vita and Android. This iteration is headed for Steam and iOS, but it is too early to say whether it will also come to Vita and Android like the previous game. Dark Quest 2 is a turn-based RPG based on the tabletop board game Hero Quest and they try to keep the board game feel. It has a dice rolling mechanic to keep it authentic-seeming, which I think is a nice touch. The hand drawn style also draws an emphasis to the board game roots of Dark Quest 2 which is pretty cool in my opinion.

Dark Quest

Turn-based combat with 3 controllable characters.

The developers are looking for £24,000 and have stretch goals up to £100,000 to add a cinematic storyline. Dark Quest 2 is done in a hand-drawn style and the Kickstarter page is currently showcasing 6 different heroes of different classes. I think a cool thing about it is that players can design their own dungeons and share them via Steamworks. Steamworks is a little underutilized in my opinion in most Kickstarter-funded indie games. Another cool thing about Dark Quest 2 that it has a multiplayer campaign where you can play PvP or Co-op.

Dark Quest

You control 3 characters at a time and each character has different traits and can be manipulated using attribute points.

I think the Kickstarter is definitely worth checking out if you are into the traditional table-top genre. Its main target audience seems to be the mobile market and I have found that people tend to resent mobile games on Steam. I remember a great game called Ravenmark by Slitherine Ltd that got negative reviews simply because it originally was an iOS game first even though it was great in its own right. I hope that Dark Quest 2 doesn’t fall prey to the same treatment on Steam. What are your thoughts about mobile games on Steam? Comment down below.

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