It’s no secret that I’m a fan of adventure games and it’s also no secret that I’m a fan of the classic titles from Sierra and LucasArts. Which is why I didn’t hesitate to back Thimbleweed Park, a spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion. Between Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, using a version of the SCUMM engine (i.e. too many verbs to count) this one was on my radar as soon as I heard about it. And as of today we have been treated to a new trailer for the game featuring one of the two agents sent in to check in on the murder in town.

Thimbleweed Park

In addition to the trailer, which can be seen below, a backer-only update also mentions that they’re using Pledge Manager as a rewards fulfillment platform and that they urge all backers to look for an e-mail to fill in their information. In addition to getting required data you can also upgrade your pledge and claim any add-on rewards offered (similar to BackerKit). So, watch the trailer and wait as the release of Thimbleweed Park should be sometime this year.

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