In the project’s first update since August last year, Darkfield VR has resurfaced with new information. Shall we unpack?

The important takeaways are this: a new version of Darkfield will be available to backers in late March/early April, and will be a complete reworking of the game. New cockpits and ships have been implemented with VR support in mind. Indeed, ‘stable reference points’ have been added to the ships which should prevent motion sickness should players choose to spin wildly through the void like a stray firework. Hey, freedom of choice, man.

DarkfieldDeveloper VR Bits has also added 4-player ships and made plenty of technical changes to both the game’s network and universe.

Perhaps more crucially, Darkfield VR will support not only Oculus Rift, but HTC Vive. Development has been geared towards the Rift, but the plan is to port the game over to Vive as soon as possible. The update also reveals cross-platform play between the Rift and Vive, and teases the possibility for a third, unannounced platform.

One of the most interesting elements of Darkfield VR’s latest update concerns backers who opted for the game’s ‘BE A LEGEND’ tier. These individuals will be able to submit a holographic version of their head using a program known as PointCloud, which will then appear in the game. Awesome!

DarkfieldFinally, an official summary of the game’s narrative premise has been written, providing backers with a sense of Darkfield VR’s universe. If you’d like to read it, I definitely recommend checking out the big Spring Update in all its glory.

For more on Darkfield VR, stay tuned to Cliqist. Hopefully we won’t have to wait as long for the next update.

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