Heads up: new rhythm game incoming! Old School Musical is heading to Kickstarter.

The game’s official website describes it thus:

“Old School Musical is retro rhythm game that will make you fall back in your childhood. Tib and Rob are the heroes of an epic adventure and completely nuts that will make them cross numerous worlds searching for the source of all bugs. With more than 20 original levels, a scenarized story mode, some hidden mini-games and much more, Old School Musical offers a richer experience than the usual rhythm games.”


It’s not a lot to go on, admittedly, but still. Rhythm games tend to be interesting ones to watch as they’re forced to do unconventional things with their game design. Where the game gets its title from, I have no idea, as giant octopi aren’t necessarily known for their connections to old schools or musicals.

Old School Musical will feature ‘more than 20 musics’ according to the game’s official trailer, which, if the trailer’s own soundtrack is anything to go by, is certainly good news. They’ve got that part right, at least, and that’s pretty much the most important element of a rhythm game. I’m not too sure about the retro-inspired art style, though. It looks a little…inconsistent. Nonetheless, it’s early days for the project.


For more on Old School Musical and its 20+ musics, check out the game’s official website, where you can listen to a range of tracks.

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