I love visual novels with a unique twist. While I do love me your standard “slice of life” fare sometimes the most memorable ones are those that take the genre and spin its own tale without relying too much on the tried-and-true tropes. With Bloody Chronicles it does take some of the usual fare but it brings with it a unique take on detective work that seems to be worth a look. There’s not a lot there on the plot or style of play yet, but it does look promising.

Bloody Chronicles

Here’s what little we know about Bloody Chronicles. You play as a graduate from the local police academy recruited by a non-governmental agency specializing in solving crimes that the constabulary deems not worth their time. An organization that apparently lies outside the jurisdiction of the law from what I can gather. That’s basically all we know about the plot but it’s enough to get me interested in where they take the narrative. The cast of characters seem to be what you’d expect for a dark game that still features some comedic elements. Which is a plus in my book.

Bloody Chronicles

My main problem with the pitch for Bloody Chronicles is that I really don’t know much about the game at all. I know that most Kickstarters tend to leave a good chunk of information for updates but I would have loved to have seen more about it before giving my thoughts on the campaign. As it stands I can’t back it without more info but the idea behind it is enough for me to at least keep an eye on it. If I see more released on what to expect through updates I might consider backing it but without more I can’t make a decision one way or the other.

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