Whether or not a campaign hits it’s funding goal I’m always impressed by developers that decide to listen to their fans and backers and take their advice, or alternatively complaining, to heart. There have been some real horror stories where campaign creators just decide to do their own thing without listening and have failed miserably to both get funded and earn backers’ respect. Those are stories for another time. With Jason the Greek, though, developer Kristian Fosh has proven that he’s willing to take criticism and make lemonade from our proverbial lemons.

Jason the Greek

Previously I covered the change in art design from cartoon to pixel, and now Kris has once again decided that Jason the Greek should once again be a 2D cartoonish art style after hearing that pretty much nobody liked the direction this was taking. Even those of us who were more-or-less okay with the reasoning behind it didn’t much care for it. You can read my own thoughts on the pixel demo and see for yourself.

Jason the Greek

Anyway, with the latest update Kris made this announcement and so far, at least in the comments, this news has been taken quite positively. And while not quite the original graphical style it’s close enough to make me happy to see a more “HD” look. Between taking a contract to help supplement funding and bringing in an artist that has promised to help out pro bono it looks like we’ll finally get to see the original vision more-or-less intact much sooner than anticipated after the previous switch. Which, honestly, can only be a good thing for adventure game fans.

Jason the Greek

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