I’m a sucker for stories where one or more people are destined to walk along one road or another and they have the option to give in and honor the wills of the powers that be or to make the decision to march to their own drum and damn fate. Which is why when I saw Wingdaria Destiny I had to take a closer look. Apparently there was another campaign the middle of last year that I very vaguely remembered hearing about but didn’t take much stock in. Now, however, I find myself more than a little intrigued by the premise behind it.

Wingdaria Destiny

In Wingdaria Destiny we have two star-crossed lovers that met as one saved the life of the other and with time have come to realize that they have feelings for each other. The problem is that the princess is to marry the prince of a neighboring country in order to find peace and prosperity or something to that effect. Yeah, more than a bit Romeo and Juliet like but if you look past this there’s more subtle themes hidden within. At least that’s how I see it based on the pitch. The short demo might give more insight, which I plan on playing time permitting.

Wingdaria Destiny

The fact that you can fight against fate and to walk your own path despite the odds more than just a little against you makes me want to support Wingdaria Destiny. It’s certainly the type of story to capture my interest and being a very good looking visual novel most assuredly doesn’t hurt. Here’s hoping that they get funding this time because even if I don’t back it I definitely want to pick it up when it releases.

Track the progress of the Wingdaria Destiny Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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