Lately, we’ve seen a fair bunch of visual novels crop up onto Kickstarter and it has been grand! With that said, I’ve been keeping an eye out particularly for new romantic releases and it appears that Wingdaria Destiny fulfills that need! This upcoming visual novel is set in the Kingdom of Wingdaria and focuses on the fates of young royals. Princess Aria is set to marry the handsome Prince Raymond in order to unite their kingdoms and fulfill an ancient prophecy which proclaims this will save everyone. However, Princess Aria has no love for this fellow and instead desires to marry a peasant whom she saved years ago.


Will she be able to escape her fate and follow her heart or will she need to marry Prince Raymond after all? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll have to find out while playing Wingdaria Destiny. Players assume the role of once-peasant Evan and the actions you take will determine what exactly ends up happening with his beloved Princess Aria (whether she sticks around or finds another beau, for example). Right now, it’s estimated that completing every route would take somewhere around 15 hours.


With much of the writing already completed, Kickstarter funds will be spent primarily on things like artwork, programming, and opening and ending musical themes. In all, Spherical Studios is asking for approximately $11,840 (converted from DKK) to make their visual novel. Although there’s no demo available just yet, they’re planning to release a playable Wingdaria Destiny build during the length of this crowdfunding campaign. Also, head over to Steam Greenlight if you’d like to see the visual novel hit Steam!

Track the progress of the Wingdaria Destiny Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Update: This post initially suggested Wingdaria Destiny was an otome game. The content has been updated appropriately.

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