Eco-warriors, unite! Fire With Fire, the online tower defense game with an environmentally-aware twist is coming to early access on Steam & Razer Forge TV March 29th. That’s less than a week away!

Theory Georgiou has released a new trailer to celebrate the fact, which you can view below.

The trailer is accompanied by some peachy new gameplay shots showing off the game’s colorful menus. I love Fire With Fire‘s art style. Something about those thick outlines, vivid colors, and cute characters really works for me. I’m sure it’ll look great on any platform.

The short-term OUYA exclusivity may or may not hold the project back, but since it’s launching simultaneously on PC and Android, there should be plenty of time for word to spread before Fire With Fire hits iOS over the next few months. That said, it’s somewhat ironic that a game funded through OUYA’s #FreeTheGames program will more than likely find a bigger audience on any platform other than the OUYA. Poor OUYA.

Fire With Fire

Speaking of OUYA’s demise, it’s a wonder Fire With Fire managed to pull through. A deal with Razer seems to have been the saving grace, as detailed in the team’s latest update:

Ouya going under really set us back, I had taken out a loan against the contractually promised funds from Ouya upon the games release that had gone up in smoke when Ouya went under. Many months later, Razer who bought the Ouya name decided to break a new deal with the free the games fund games and we we’re finally on track, thanks Razer! But until that deal finally came through I took on contract work to keep myself fed and sheltered, production suffered greatly. It’s been a hard hard 6+ months. But unlike other kickstarter games that just give up, we are powering through it! We owe it to you.

Fire With Fire

So there we have it: Razer putting out fires all over the place. For more on Fire With Fire, stay tuned to Cliqist for future updates, and be sure to check in with Steam & Razer Forge TV March 29th.

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