When I saw Bloom: Memories launch on Kickstarter I wasn’t sure about it. It looked beautiful and had an interesting premise but I had a hard time being sold on taking the plunge. However, I liked it enough to go in for a copy of the game and, like so many others, I’ve been waiting patiently on seeing a final product. While it’s still far from finished and no release date in sight at least we got some very important news in the latest update.

Bloom: Memories

Apparently a couple months ago the lead programmer for Bloom: Memories fell far behind on developing the engine they were going to use as a framework. Due to personal and work issues conflicting with his commitments towards finishing it he left the team on good terms. With such a major and important position being left vacant the development team could have just given up and moved on, but that’s apparently not how they roll. Determined to get someone else to help out and was as passionate about the project as they were they started looking.

Bloom: Memories

And found someone they did. The update also announced that Ariel Manzur will be taking on the responsibilities towards getting this important piece of technology out the door. And not only that but he’s brought with him the “Godot” engine which is apparently leaps and bounds better than what they were working with before. So, despite there being a bit of a delay development for Bloom: Memories isn’t completely scrapped. The new engine will have to obviously be worked into existing assets but they’re back on track it looks like. Which is quite fortunate as I’ve been greatly anticipating the release of this game.

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