Way back in the long-ago yesteryear of 1993, Japanese game publisher, Kaneko obtained the rights to create a video game based on the presidential pet, Socks the cat. Remember, the 90’s were a strange time and games existed for almost every IP imaginable (and then some).

Socks generated a lot of excitement, but then as development hit some snags the game disappeared, as if it never existed. Since then, Socks has repeatedly shown up on lists of most anticipated games to never be released. Luckily, there exists a plucky group of retro game aficionados who have set out to correct this grave oversight.


After obtaining the only known prototype of Socks the Cat in existence, Tom Curtain is planning a Kickstarter campaign to finally bring Socks to the avid retro games community. Curtin, you might remember, is the man who sold a prototype cartridge of the US release of The Legend of Zelda on Ebay back in 2012 for a cool $55,000. It’s safe to say he knows a bit about old school games.

Most of the details are still being decided by Curtain, and his collaborators, but he told me he expects the Kickstarter to begin in the next couple of months. Backers who pledge $50 will receive a physical copy of the Socks the Cat cartridge. Those who pledge $75 will get the full package; cartridge, box, and any eventual add-ins for their collection. The box will have updated artwork made just for this release. The most coveted reward tier will feature the actual Socks prototype, so the legend can live on.

While a funding goal has yet to be decided, Curtin said that his ultimate goal is for the game to be released, regardless of if the Kickstarter succeeds. He assured me that despite rumors to the contrary, the game is complete with multiple levels of old school difficulty.

Fans can also look forward to some exciting giveaways and promotions leading up to Sock’s release. Socks the Cat will be available via both digital emulated versions and physical cartridges, for the savvy collector.

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