The deceased presidential pet of a bygone administration is finally getting his SNES gaming debut. If you haven’t heard the saga of Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill you can get caught up with our earlier preview of the campaign which goes into all the history behind this unreleased retro relic.

Developer Second Dimension and the game’s rights holder, Tom Curtain, have teamed up to bring Socks the Cat back. They are seeking $30,000 on Kickstarter to bring both digital and physical versions of the game to collectors.

socksthecatlogoBackers who pledge at least $20 get a digital version of Socks the Cat which the team has already tested on the Zsnes, snes9x, and bsnes emulators. Additional emulation options are still being pursued as well as a possible Steam release.

Things get really interesting at the $40 and up reward tier as physical cartridges of the game will be produced. All the artwork for the boxes, poster, and even game manual has been redone for this new iteration. This makes an already highly sought after collectible all the more valuable in the retro community.

Socks Is Back In The House

The actual game, notoriety aside, doesn’t get more than a passing mention on the campaign page. There are 8 levels to play through and a finale. The team also had a programmer go through and resolve the bugs and performance issues that plagued the original. It’s important to note that Socks isn’t intended as a remake, it’s still the same game, just finally being made playable for its niche market.

socksthecat1Still, with as much secrecy as there is surrounding Socks the Cat’s legacy, it would have been nice to see some updated screenshots. The current screenshots you can find were just pulled from a video of someone playing the game years ago. I guess, for now at least, we’ll just have to keep waiting.

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