Marvel Horse, aka Celestial Equine, is a fantasy horse breeding sim that was funded on Kicksarter back in 2014.  Shrouded in mysteries as thick as the flowing manes of the fantastical beasts therein, it has been a very quiet project up until very recently. A March 21st update announced the project being back in action, but is available to backers only. The project owner could not be reached for comment, so I’m left only to speculate.

What secrets of magic and whimsy are hidden away from the public eye? A click over to the Marvel Horse website reveals a domain for sale. A click onto the alternate Celestial Equine site brings me to a blank page and a logo. The Twitter account has not posted since 2014. It seems, perhaps, that a mere mortal like me could not begin to comprehend the true beauty of the equine form. Silently, they judged me, with those soulful eyes of theirs, and found me unworthy. The fall of their hooves echoed into the infinite night and I am left to my mundane life, never to know the truth of their majesty.

Now, naysayers might throw blind accusations of the project going nowhere with such secrecy around the first update in two years. Truly we are a species of negativity. It’s no wonder the maned ones have declined to bless us with any further information. Maybe in another two years they shall test us again. I, for one, stand ready. I will not disappoint them next time.

Dylan Cunningham

Dylan Cunningham

Dylan Cunningham is a new voice in the gaming community, and the kind of guy who already makes people call him The Overvulture on the internet. He's always been the obsessive gamer type ever since the original Prince of Persia, and loves horror games or anything a little offbeat.
Dylan Cunningham


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Dylan Cunningham
  • Love what you made of this.

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  • Person’s Person

    The reason why the Marvel Horse twitter isn’t updated and the domain is for sale is because the owner announced the site was being rebooted under a new name, as you mentioned! At the time of this article, Celestial Equine had a Facebook page that (albeit young) was updated often. It still receives an update when there is visual progression, I’ve noticed. A simple Google search will bring up their Facebook page but for convenience: Perhaps the Facebook would be the best means of communication to get in contact with the site owner instead of attempting to contact the dead Twitter/KS account!

    Although Marvel Horse fell through will little to no communication, I have high hopes this go-round for Celestial Equine.

    PS: Your writing was spectacularly fun to read.