The bad news is things aren’t looking too good right now for the Lux Kickstarter campaign from Chimera Games. With just a few days to go before funding for the MMORPG ends, the game still has a long way to go, with less than half of the $200,000 requested being raised. The game aims to be available for most platforms (PC, MAC, Xbox 1, and PS4) with an infinitely large, randomly spawned world but hasn’t been able to draw in more than 300 backers. Even with the added promise of NPC companions who will be able to do the tasks you just don’t feel like doing and save you from the tedious grind of hunting for that one specific resource and a vastly improved home-base system that allows for more customization and community interaction, its not doing as well as it could. The good news is that the Kickstarter campaign for the graphic novel is doing far better in comparison to the main game.


With less than $100 to go until its funding goal is reached, LUX Volume 1 seems poised to surpass its goals by a good margin. Chimera Games states that its a ‘dark story of post apocalyptic survival, which takes inspiration from old school, “choose your own adventure” books.” A comment from the CEO states that the 1st graphic novel should be released before the main game is, and each new novel would focus on major events in the games backstory. As expansions are added to the game, new graphic novels would be released in a series with backstory regarding the newest game content.

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