The PC version of Tadpole Treble was due to be released on Steam on 22nd April 2016 but you’ll have to wait another couple of weeks to get your hands on this side-scrolling musical adventure as the release has been pushed back to 6th May. However we’re assured that this time it’s REALLY set in stone – developers Bitfinity have promised you can kick them in the kidney otherwise.

The original release date was confirmed several weeks ago but only 24 hours before the big day Matthew and Michael Taranto posted an update confirming the delay for the release, including a video apology to backers. The delay is fairly minor though and I see no reason to worry about what is otherwise looking a very accomplished Kickstarter campaign. Plus there was some good news with a follow-up update delivering exclusive Tadpole Treble wallpapers and music tracks to backers.

Tadpole Treble

Tadpole Treble will retail for $10 on Steam (with an initial 20% discount taking the price down to $8) and includes Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, a level editor and developer commentary. Kickstarter backers who pledged at least $7 will be guaranteed their PC copy or can opt for a Wii U version instead by contacting the developers – a release date for the Wii U has yet to be confirmed but should be some time this year.

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