Fringe Theory, developed by LionRoar games, has cancelled its Kickstarter campaign. It accumulated only $2698 of the $50,000 it was asking for, but the developers are going to use their personal funds in the next month or so to continue working on the sandbox alpha. They’ll continue to polish the core survival aspect of the game as well as the morale system, and hopefully add some puzzles as well, so it doesn’t end up as just “another survival game.”

Fringe Theory

Fringe Theory has already been Steam Greenlit, so they may or may not restart end up restarting the Kickstarter “depending on how well they do on Steam”. They’re also planning to change some of the rewards available for their supporters and add that if they do start working on DLC, it will be “modestly priced.” They won’t be posting anything else to their Kickstarter page, but they do ask that you follow them on twitter @LionRoarUpdates for the latest news on Fringe Theory.

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