While some of us may giggle or nod smirkingly at the dawn of 4/20, Axon Interactive decided that Colorado’s smokiest day of the year would be the perfect time to launch a Kickstarter for their puzzle game, Quench. According to early footage, Quench puts you in the role of Shepherd, an avatar of nature whose goal is to protect and…shepherd…their flock to safety. Animal types range from lumbering elephants to proud lions, and all of them face injury and annihilation without your celestial aid.


Anyone up for a swim?

With very real threats in the form of fire, rugged terrain and mysterious Smokebeasts, Quench reminds me of one of my childhood SNES standbys: Populous. The premise of Populous is the battle between Good and Evil, with each tribe presided over by a single deity that can manipulate the land and cause extinction level events on a whim. The game spans over multiple levels and features a wide variety of species that you can play as.

In Quench, your herd type is actually referred to as a “tribe”, Shepherd can use Wind to either hasten or slow down their walk speed, and Quake to open up new paths. With 28 handcrafted levels, Quench feels like the RTS that Molyneaux et al alumni like myself have been waiting (insert number) years for.


25 here!

Don’t let the “puzzle” aspect scare you, RTSers, nor the 4/20 launch date, puritans. Quench is well on its way to delivering a top-grade interactive platform where you literally save the world.

Track the progress of the Quench Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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