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Conrad Crisman

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Conrad is an industry vet who's approximately 25% Internet famous. Starting with the NES Action Set and local arcades circa 1988, he has a soft spot for indie games and old school platformers. He even built his own arcade cabinet once and shamelessly bragged about it to his buddy.

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Conrad Crisman
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According to a recent update by developer SparkWare, FRAMED will be cancelled if the team cannot find a writer. The loss of a few key team members is being credited for this recent debacle, but after reviewing the multitude of comments and campaigns that were…

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Conrad Crisman
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So, for those who read my previous piece on Fabular: Once Upon a Space Time, you’d know that this isn’t your standard SHMUP entrant. Lately, Kickstarter has seen a smattering (perhaps a revival?) of roguelikes, platformers and artbooks, but what about the genre that helped…