Nothing beats preparing for a full-on Kickstarter assault through meticulous planning. With the recent blessing of the Square Enix Collective and being Greenlit on Steam, Iron Tides is definitely on the right track to take to the high seas and raze some righteous hell in the name of Norhaven.

So what is it about Iron Tides that stirs the Nordic warrior in all of us? From its procedurally generated environments to its turn-based combat, it harkens back to the days of pre-MMO Blizzard in its aesthetic and presentation, while simultaneously paying homage to the elements that made Sword of Fargoal and Warcraft III legends in their own right.

irontides1The premise of Iron Tides is to set sail across perilous seas in the ongoing search of plunder. This part of the game takes on almost a Sunless Sea vibe, as you command your ship across a vast ocean, freely deciding where to go and with whom (and how) you interact. Players can beat down baddies utilizing multiple character classes, stat upgrade and invoking the power of Fury.

Survival doesn’t come easy, however, as your party not only has to survive the rigors of battle, but also practice strict resource management so the fight can continue.



Information on the development team can be found on their website, and updates on Iron Tides can be found on Twitter and Facebook. As the campaign launches and ramps up, expect these to become veritable vaults of awesomeness.

Currently, the Kickstarter campaign is slated to commence in August and judging from the immense response that it’s received, one can’t help but think that the gaming world is ready for yet another (literal) barn burner. Hide your doubloons!

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