No joke, Purple looks like an amazing game. A world that blends alternating red and blue terrains, two matching characters that can blend into one purple one, all managed through one controller! Not everyone can cook up this type of awesome innovation on a whim, which makes its lukewarm reception on Kickstarter all the more confusing.

Seriously, this looks amazing!

Seriously, this looks amazing!

With a goal of $55,000 set, developer Ken Fleming of Nimerra has only been able to raise a little over $500 from 9 backers. A game designer with over 5 years of experience with multiple studios (he helped design Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate), this appears to be Ken’s first foray into independent game design.

A peruse of Purple’s Updates section shows no signs of life beyond the project’s start date of May 16th, 2016, and the Comments section is markedly sparse. Even worse, there doesn’t appear to be any active marketing campaigns via social media to speak of.

Does this mean that Purple is a bad game? Absolutely not!

Again, amazing!

Again, amazing!

For anyone who’s ever run a Kickstarter campaign, it’s not an easy task. The standard 30 days issued to raise the necessary funds can feel like a non-stop cyclone of pain comprised of countless emails, entitled backers and developmental blunders.

Some of them may be overworked, understaffed, overwhelmed and understandably out of energy after game creation to stage a profound marketing strategy.

However, the past has proven that failure is not permanent. I hope Purple gets funded, but in the event that it doesn’t, I hope Ken continues working on it.

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