This is truly a coup for horror games as we know them. Erin Reynolds, the Creative Director behind the biofeedback horror game Nevermind, has rolled out an exciting new update. The good news: the game is getting two new clients added to the creeptastic Neurostalgia Institute. The bad news: the Xbox One/VR releases are being pushed out until later this year.



Good news again: those who’ve already downloaded Nevermind will be getting these new levels for free, as they’re being integrated into the whole game!

For those who may not know what makes Nevermind so scary, imagine this: a psychological thrill ride that throws you face-first into the subconscious minds of trauma victims and punishes you for your cowardice and fear!

Go to a happy place...go to a happy place...

Go to a happy place…go to a happy place…

How exactly? Through the magic of Intel RealSense Technology, that’s how. Stepping well beyond the bounds of your standard issue webcam, the RealSense camera can actually track your heart rate.

This amazing piece of kit is like one of those X-Ray glasses you used to see in the back of comic books or at the dollar store, but the former senses your fear and prompts Nevermind to soothe your psychological malaise by drowning you in your own spilled milk!

Just ask Markiplier.


Milk just got a lot less sexy!

Though the delays may be a disappointment to some, Nevermind promises to deliver an experience horror aficionados will not soon forget and has done a great job so far doing so.

Given Erin’s excellent track record of keeping backers up-to-date, I agree that the wait will be totally worth it!

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