Making games is hard, especially if you don’t happen to know anything about coding, game development or whatnot. This is why things like RPG Maker and Super Mario Maker are so popular. Suddenly game development is a real possibility for those of us with a cool idea and not much else in the way of proper skills. Someone out there needs my gritty puppy noir simulator, dammit!

Maybe your ideas are a bit more reasonable and require a certain aesthetic that RPG Maker just doesn’t reach. Dream Mix has your back with their new Kickstarter campaign for Legend Maker.

Legendmaker1With a style heavily reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, players are able to build their own stories and shape their worlds, piece by piece. Once a level is created it can be uploaded and shared with the community, giving Legend Maker nearly infinite replayability.

Currently Legend Maker offers an Alpha Demo, a small sampling of some of the dungeon building features. The full game will feature 4 different areas (an overworld, houses, caves, and dungeons), which can be modified and connected.

Legendmaker2Customization is an important part of Legend Maker. Dream Mix wants players to be able to control all aspects of their levels, from world building down to individual hero creation. Players will also have the option of adding dialogue, music, and quests to flesh out their characters and the world around them.

Currently the team is seeking $40,000 to fund the base game experience, which is a modest sum considering what they hope to deliver. The stretch goals are expected to flesh Legend Maker out a bit, with the $100,000 goal promising a full length campaign and story-mode.

I’m always a little apprehensive about developers that plan such massive undertakings, but if Dream Mix can pull this off, Legend Maker will be an amazing addition to the game making genre. Now if only they had puppies.

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Joanna Mueller is a lifelong gamer who used to insist on having the Super Mario Bros manual read to her as a bedtime story. Now she's reading Fortnite books to her own kiddo while finally making use of her degree to write about games as Cliqist's EIC.

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