Roughly a month since its last update, Ynnis Interactive has shared some exciting screenshots of their upcoming game, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom.

shiness1This may come as bittersweet news to backers, who may have expected the game to be released more than a year ago as intended, but it seems that patient backers will be rewarded with much more content than was originally anticipated.

Some of these screenshots feature a new area called Shjue Village, where players can purchase a mount to help them traverse the Meonis Plain much quicker, similar to Final Fantasy’s Chocobo. From there, the technologically advanced and massive Train Station can be reached, but in a move that may be unfamiliar to Final Fantasy fans, not everyone in each area will welcome your party with open arms.

Yup, this looks like a friendly place...

Midgar, anyone?

Unlike set-time events where walking around in a contested area may trigger a battle, Shiness’s Train Station will see the party being greeted by a friendly denizen, only to be jumped by the crazed militarist living next door.

It’s the kind of unease that one would feel if they were to walk around Baron in Final Fantasy IV before Cagnazzo bites the dust, or a clueless Level 25 Human Warrior stumbling into the Worgen-infested wilds of Duskwood.


Ah, now this looks peaceful!

In the end, the community in general seems very pleased with this update. Between these screenshots, its vast exploration and action-oriented battle system, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is shaping up to be a breath of fresh air for RPG and action fans alike.

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