Disobey, developed by Tunnel Vision Studio, blends RTS and third-person action elements to create one helluva goofy “Revolt Simulator.” Its stumpy characters look similar to those in South Park. The explosive riots take on a miniature Total Warhammer vibe, while the “revolt” premise can be compared to, well, Homefront: The Revolution.

Yes, it all sounds, and looks rather peculiar. But in an intriguing way. The game has potential, what with the many features listed in its Kickstarter overview, from the “throwable urban props” (exactly what they sound like) to the AI, which you can command in large groups.

disobeyrevoltsimulator5Even then, Disobey still has a generic flavour about it—especially when it comes to premise and storyline. In a nebulous few blurbs where the story is supposedly explained, Tunnel Vision Studio labels Disobey as a “metaphor for change.” Esoteric sentences follow that up which don’t really describe what the story is actually about; rather, there’s talk about breaking free of the “status quo” and “standing up from the sofa”. It all reads like one extra-cheesy Adbusters press release. If you think I’m digressing, blame Disobey’s Kickstarter page.

Thankfully, there’s some alpha footage which presents gameplay infinitely less obscure than the story “description.” It features you as the primary rioter, followed by a gaggle of other stumpy men and women, destroying stuff and disturbing the peace in more ways than one. There’s a circular black ring around your avatar; I’m presuming it’s there to distinguish you from the crowd, but it looks quite unnecessary to me.

disobeyrevoltsimulator1You can track Disobey’s progress in our Campaign Calendar; it’s asking for €60,000.

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