Warcraft II was the very first real-time strategy game I ever played and, even then, I pined for the ability to see the world of Azeroth through the eyes of its legendary heroes and heels. Imagine a game where you can not only view the action from above (per RTS tradition), but zoom in close enough to get a first-person view of the blisteringly fast action.

Seems familiar so far...

Seems familiar so far…

The developers behind Abatron, W3 Studios, perhaps checked out other fast-paced games and thought “why not take their view-changing mechanic and plug it into a real-time strategy game?” From a player’s standpoint, it makes total sense. Is there a gigantic army of bloodthirsty baddies up ahead? Zoom out and see! Have they already descended upon you in droves? Whip into the first person perspective and unload your laser gun right in their face!


Game Over…

For those of us who’ve grown up on video games, thinking about the small enhancements that would improve an already great game┬ácomes as natural as breathing. Abatron is a culmination of this very sentiment and shows that many developers are just like us: passionate gamers who savor and scrutinize our craft like a fine wine, pining for the day that our favorite genres meld beautifully together.

Considering the overall aesthetic, frenetic combat mechanics and most importantly, view shifting, Abatron is set to blaze familiar yet underappreciated territory through the use of a single mechanic. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

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